Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Review: What I Didn't Say by Keary Taylor

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I love books that make me ask myself the 'what if' question. In this case, it was 'what if I lose the ability to speak?' 

Our protagonist Jake is just like any other teenager - he's carefree, full of hope for the future and pretty much takes for granted everything he has. Then he is involved in a car accident, and life will never be the same. The permanent damage to his vocal cords ensures that he will never utter a single word, or sound, ever again. 
From this moment on, Jake has to make a choice - learn to live without a voice, 
or not live at all? 

His biggest regret? Not telling the girl he loves how he really felt about her. Samantha was a lovely supporting character for our lead. Not only does she help him deal with his frustrations, but she doesn't allow to him to feel sorry for himself either, not when he has such a supportive family and friends that he didn't even know he had. 

I did feel like this book was written for a younger audience, in the sense that the writing was relatively simple. Nonetheless, it is a great story about coming to terms with loss, realising all the ways you are blessed and learning to speak without saying a word.

(ARC courtesy of NetGalley)

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